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  1. Follow @omchairworld on Instagram

  2. Create and share your most artistic work on Instagram, and use both hashtags:

  3. Tag your hair friends in the comments and invite them to join the contest!!


Winners will be chosen by the number of likes on your image, so be sure to share your art far and wide to get your community support. Entries begin June 1st 2017 and Entries Deadline July 31st 2017. Winners will be announced August 12th 2017 to claim your prize,email omc@omchairworld.com


  • Enter as many photos as your creative heart desires Live Model / Mannequin Head long or short, everything goes.

  • One Men’s Look and One Women’s Look winner will be chosen for the Grand Prize of a trip to OMC HAIRWORLD in Paris September 15-19, 2017. Prize include 4 night’s hotel in Paris, round-trip ticket (economy) All Access pass to OMC HAIRWORLD activities.

  • OMC WORLD BEST is open to everyone. No Entry Fee required.

  • Your Instagram profile must be PUBLIC to win.

  • If your account is PRIVATE, we cannot see your entry.

  • All steps in HOW TO ENTER must be followed in order to qualify to win.

  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

  • You may win only ONE trip, if the same contestant gets the most likes on both Male and Female categories, the next most liked image in that category will be chosen as second winner.

  • OMC WORLD BEST is open to all licensed cosmetologists and barbers You must use both hashtags in caption #OMCWORLDBEST and #OMCHAIRWORLD

  • Work in the photo must have been created by YOU within the last 12 months and posted on Instagram

    By submitting images in connection with OMC WORLD BEST CONTEST you are agreeing


All entries to the OMC World’s Best competition may be subject to verification by the OMC HAIRWORLD Social Media Advisory Board. OMC HAIRWORLD, at its absolute unilateral discretion, can declare any or all entries made by an entrant invalid if the entrant:

1. The photo entered has a high amount of both: Spam / Likes paid from a third private accounts service. This is forbidden by OMC principle of ethics.

2. OMC HAIRWORLD has reason to believe the entry was tampered with by third party like apps that go against Instagram’s terms of service and OMC.

3. The photo was not created by the account owner who posted the photo.


OMC HW INC. Term and Condition

By entering the OMC WORLD BEST contest on Instagram the Competitor/Model accepts its term and conditions that the competitor's work and the model's likeness are likely to be captured and used in various media.

The Competitor/Model hereby authorizes OMC/OMC HAIRWORLD INC. and the organizer of the event free of charge to capture, reproduce and represent the competitor's work and the model's likeness performed for the competition, through any and all means and processes in connection with their commercial distribution, to be shown in all media, and in particular on any paper of IT (CD-ROM, CDI, DVD, etc.), whether presently existing or to be invented hereafter, or on any audio-visual or telecommunication network of the Internet or Intranet type, or on line, or through all technical processes. 

The Competitor/Model hereby authorizes the use of the competitor's work and the model's likeness by OMC HAIRWORLD INC. and the organizer of the event for an unlimited term.

The Competitor/Model waives the right to have his/her name indicated on any reproduction, representation and/or adaptation of the competitor's work and the model's likeness. OMC HAIRWORLD INC. and the organizer of the event have the right but no obligation to give credit to the Competitor/Model.

The Competitor/Model shall hold OMC HAIRWORLD INC. and the organizer of the event free and harmless against any disturbance, claim, challenge, remedy or action that may be raised, brought or instituted against OMC HAIRWORLD INC. and/or the organizer of the event, because the use and distribution of the competitor's work and the model's likeness.


Use your smartphone to upload your winning picture
to win a free trip to HAIRWORLD 2017:



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